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Online Courier Orders
Create your delivery request at your fingertips
via mobile or computer device
Online Courier Orders
Create your delivery request at your fingertips
via mobile or computer device.
Notifying Rapidoers
Your delivery requests will be sent to Rapidoers only
after they have been vetted and approved based on the GPS Location
Pickup & Delivery
Upon acceptance of your job, a confirmation will be send to you immediately
Our Rapidoers will be on their way to be at your service
Status Tracking
Track your parcel status anytime via your mobile or computer device,
Know where is your parcel and who is delivering it for you
Upon delivery POD will be updated
Get immediate notification once your delivery has been delivered
Proof of Delivery (POD) will be updated accordingly
Delivery Online Made Easy.
  • Arrange your delivery in our platform or do a bulk upload with a manifest sheet
  • Integrate with powerful e-commerce platforms.
  • Real time calculation fees to provide shipment cost instantly.
Automation of Logistics Operations
  • Your delivery request will be sent to the Rapido within the diameters and customer will receive notification once job has been accepted.
  • Live communication via our live chat function.
Easy & Efficient
  • User-friendly interface with predefined Filters for quick access to important Courier information.
  • It works on your mobile as well as computer device.
Always updated and Easy Search
  • See real-time status and activity updates.
  • Search for an order using any related information: eg. tracking number, order reference and consignee details such as name, contact number, email address and so on.
Focus on Performance
  • Access to real-time report to get insight into the status of your delivery.
  • Proof of delivery will be updated instantly upon deliveries completion.

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